How to Leverage Dentist Reviews to Grow Your Practice

In today’s competitive market, patient referrals are not as effective as they once were. Patients are increasingly relying on internet reviews to help them find a new dentist; people who know what they’re looking for may be able to do so with ease. Patients use the internet to share their experiences on sites like Google, Facebook, and Yelp, and their words can have a major impact on the success or challenges of a business.

Patient numbers are influenced by dental reviews, according to a BrightLocal study. 9 in 10 consumers check digital reviews for local companies, according to a BrightLocal report. Dentistry is ranked sixth among the industries for which customers are most likely to utilize reviews. In addition, four out of five respondents believe online evaluations have the same importance as family and friends.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to get started on online review management so that your patients’ experiences may assist you develop your practice.

Improve your patients' experience.

Start with the clients you already have. Review sites provide an excellent platform for you to interact with your existing consumers and make sure they’re satisfied with their experience. You can use constructive criticism to tell if:

  • Patient perceptions: Is it possible that patients are waiting in the lobby for an extended period of time? Do they feel welcome at your dental office? Are patients satisfied with how you explain dental treatments and expenses? Reviews allow you to view your practice through the eyes of your clients.
  • Ways to elevate the experience: Don’t be fooled by five-star ratings. You won’t always get five stars for a bigger smile and attentive service. Feedback shows you where to focus your efforts, such as more payment options or convenient online appointment booking, based on what patients care about most.
  • Where you stand: Patients frequently compare experiences from various providers, giving you a sense of how your company compares to the competition.

Boost confidence—and patient numbers.

It’s not enough to read reviews; make sure you always respond to online reviews. Positive or negative comments on the internet are crucial for establishing and growing a reputation as an expert who cares about your patients. According to a Google survey, responding to customer feedback increases trust by 76%, while ignoring it lowers it by 46%.

You can even get a discount on your next service if you’ve had a recent negative experience. This will ensure that patients feel confident and comfortable when they come to visit their dentist. The following are some of the most important components of excellent dental practice management:

  • Demonstrate to the general public that your patients are satisfied with your practice’s services..
  • Reassure clients that you’ll handle their special requirements with professionalism and compassion, just as you’ve done previously.
  • Make your practice more easily discovered by increasing your search engine ranking. According to a study published by IronMonk, 18.4% of individuals simply book with the dentist who appears at the top of search engine results.

When you share fantastic reviews on social media, you may increase your customer reach.

Positive reviews bring in new consumers, who leave new stellar evaluations. This loop is crucial because, as the BrightLocal study notes, 86% of customers only check out recent posts from previous months

Secure your reputation.

It’s great to express gratitude for the finest dentist reviews, but what should you do if someone complains? Part of the online review management process is dealing with unfavorable feedback. It’s possible that your practice’s goodwill may be eroded or new clients discouraged if you don’t address concerns.

The following are some of the best practices for reacting to negative reviews.:

  • Respond promptly, but only after you’ve investigated the patient’s complaint.
  • If you need to have a direct conversation, take it offline; but remember to respond to the review.
  • Send a “thank you” response to the review, with a good and genuine one that shows that you’ve been listening.
  • Avoid using templates when talking to customers, and be consistent in your replies.

According to Software Advice, addressing a complaint with professionalism and empathy can reduce the impact of negative reviews by 70 percent if you spend even 10 minutes each week developing your internet presence and responding to comments. It demonstrates that you care about your consumers if you respond to a complaint in a professional manner and with concern.

Managing reviews the easy way.

Taking control of your reputation isn’t easy, but an online review management software may help you streamline the process. It notifies you when new reviews are posted, allowing you to read and respond to them in one location while discovering patterns in your feedback. It also provides a total assessment score so that you can keep track of how your reputation improves over time.

When you become used to handling client feedback online, you’ll gain confidence with potential patients from the get-go and convert leads into appointments.

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