Beat your competition with more reviews.

Our review management software is the easiest way to get
4x more reviews on sites like Google, Facebook and more.

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Rain Reviews is for busy business owners to provide help with capturing reviews, search engine optimization, and reputation management. This software allows you to review feedback, good or bad, reevaluate any potential issues and provide the best review to the platform of choice linked to the request. Just, set it up and it runs on autopilot.

“The well-satisfied customer will bring the repeat sale that counts.”

James Cash Penney

Customers are relying on reviews and the internet more than ever before to make their purchasing decisions.

4x More Reviews

Build a steady stream of online reviews by automating your review outreach with email and text messages.

More Sales

Give potential customers the confidence to book with you, by sharing reviews on your website and social media.

Automated and Easy

Record video that features a client or customer sharing their positive experiences with your business’s product or service.

Instantly respond to customer concerns.

Rain Reviews will automatically route each new review to the review website where it will be most effective online. Worried about negative reviews being posted online? Our software holds the negative review as customer feedback that only you can see. So you can reply to the customer who wrote the negative review in real time.

Rain Reviews easily integrates with over 750 existing applications like Quickbooks, Salesforce, Mailchimp and more.

For example if you use Salesforce, we can automatically ask for and get reviews from your customers every time you invoice them without adding anything to your business process.

Get More Customers and Increase Sales!

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