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What do you do if you’re looking for a local business in your neighborhood? You’ll most likely pull out your phone and perform a search — just like millions of others before you. Every day, consumers in Atlanta and around the country are looking for companies on Google and thinking about whether they should become clients. A local business’ online reputation is everything in today’s digital landscape.

If your business has received negative feedback, it is less likely to appear at the top of search results. Rain Reviews employs local SEO tactics to promote local companies on search engines.

Local SEO Services for Businesses in Covington

Why Local SEO Is Important

Many business owners are well aware of SEO and the value it holds in attracting website visitors and new consumers. Local SEO is a focused technique that aims to give high-ranking search results for locality-relevant keywords. Google has advanced to the point where it recognizes a local intent based on your search term and searcher’s location. Which means, it might be difficult to get a prominent location in the local map pack.

Rain Reviews creates and optimizes Google Business Profile (GBP) listings for local businesses. Using a combination of SEO best practices, review generation and monitoring, social media promotion and directory listings, we can put your business in front of the people you want to attract.

Here are some of the main elements of local SEO:

The Rain Review Approach to Local SEO

At Rain Reviews focuses on the most important local SEO components and simplifies them for optimum impact. If your company is good and customers like what you do, this positive feedback might help you boost your internet reputation. We target two key areas: GBP and listing management.

Frequently Asked Local SEO Questions

A poor overall rating might hurt your SEO rankings and reduce the click-through rate from searchers. We can assist you with negative feedback management and boost the amount of excellent reviews, resulting in an improved star rating.
A Google Business Profile, along with a company’s website, helps to maximize exposure and attract new consumers. Your GBP listing guarantees that you are displayed in Google Maps.
Many directories may have information on your previous company, which might harm your search engine results page. All of the important directories and review sites will be updated with your company details as part of our listing management service.

Transform Reviews
Into Revenue

Build a positive sentiment for your business online. Harness reviews and transform them into powerful marketing assets.

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