Reputation Marketing: How it Works?

How Does Reputation Marketing Work?

Build Pipeline of Customers for your Business

What Is Reputation Marketing? Reputation marketing is a strategy for generating positive feedback from your consumers and transforming them into marketing assets that may be utilized to attract new clients. Simply said, it’s a method of developing relationships with your customers and converting those connections into marketing assets.

We take a distinct approach to reputation management at Rain Reviews. We’ll help you get reviews and respond to them (whether good or bad), as well as promote them online using your reputation.

Training & Coaching

Create a Culture of Extraordinary Customer Service with Rain Reviews

We take a hands-on approach, with our Essential plan, to train your team about the importance of quality reviews and feedback. This includes coaching tips and best practices for collecting reviews from your customers.

Review Generation

Build a Stable Foundation by Automating the Review Process and Managing Them

Our technology provides a complete program for collecting and managing reviews from your customers. Email reminders and text requests give you multiple opportunities to solicit feedback and distribute these reviews to public sites like Google and Facebook as well as your website. And importantly, you’ll also be able to quickly engage with dissatisfied customers and address their concerns.

Reputation Management

Rain Reviews offers plans with tools that can be used to monitor and respond to reviews in real time. This option is for busy business owners to provide help with capturing reviews, search engine optimization, and reputation management. Our consultants help create an outgoing message for past customers that have purchased or use your products or services. This software allows you to review feedback, good or bad, reevaluate any potential issues and provide the best review to the platform of choice linked to the request. Just, set it up and it runs on autopilot.

Reputation Marketing

Attract a Steady Stream of New Business by Sharing Your Reviews

At Rain Reviews, we use a combination of reputation management and reputation marketing to increase a local business’ visibility, find more customers – and overcome negative reviews. Reputation marketing is the practice of utilizing your company’s reputation to promote it to new clients. When potential consumers see that you have a good reputation, they are more likely to trust you and feel comfortable engaging with you. By marketing your excellent reputation, you can establish trust and credibility with customers before they make a purchase, which creates interest in your brand.

Our belief is that testimonials and reviews are strong marketing assets that should be utilized to acquire new consumers.

Works With All Major Review Platforms

Make it quick and simple for your clients to post comments on your website as well as their preferred review platforms using emails and text messages.

Reputation marketing is critical for businesses looking to grow revenue and attract new customers. To discuss how Rain Reviews can help your business, book an appointment online or call us at (678) 964-7354 today.

Transform Reviews
Into Revenue

Build a positive sentiment for your business online. Harness reviews and transform them into powerful marketing assets.

Auto Dealers

Home Services

Local Businesses

Medical Practices

A multi-location brand and/or franchise’s reputation

Get More Customers and Increase Sales!

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