Reputation Marketing Helps Businesses Increase Revenue Up to 60%

Reputation marketing is the practice of generating great stories about your company that are deserving of publication on the internet. It’s the key to expanding your online reputation for those getting into reputation marketing for the first time. Both positive and negative reviews, digital marketing, local SEO, and reputation management all collaborate to develop your client base and earnings.

Telling Your Story Is the Core of Reputation Marketing

Consumers may still turn to their friends and family for recommendations, but now they go straight to Google and let their fingers do the walking. Online reviews are frequently a major factor in consumer purchases. If your company does not have positive feedback or replies to negative comments, potential customers may never learn about your business. Reviews are critical, whether you have a physical store or not- especially those reviews on your Google Business Profile. Reviews are extremely important and can even affect how your company is presented on Google Maps.

Getting Started

While getting started with reputation marketing at Rain Reviews, We’ll partner with you to understand your present methods and identify areas for improvement in your reputation management efforts.

Rain Reviews, offers a wide range of reputation marketing services to help your team and your business, get and manage your company’s online reviews.

Rain Reviews Coaching

Creating an exceptional customer experience begins with training your team. At Rain Reviews, we provide education and coaching services for businesses. Webinars, best practices emails, coaching calls, and video training are all tools that your team may use to learn how to establish a culture that customers will appreciate to fit your company’s demands.

Our coaching is the training that our company gives to its clients, which helps to improve an organization’s customer experience (CX). This training includes best practices for communicating with customers, gathering input from each client interaction, and using feedback to improve client experience.

Ongoing Reputation Management

Customer service training is only one of the many components to a successful reputation marketing plan. You’ll need a dedicated employee to keep track of your online reputation using our review dashboard.

It’s critical to respond promptly to any customer reviews your company receives. Customers want a response within 20 minutes of publishing a tweet. Consider what they desire with a Google review. Whether the evaluation is positive or negative, a reaction is required. Positive and negative reviews both need responses, but responding appropriately to one can sometimes turn it into a positive one.

Our company offers complete training on how to implement an ongoing management strategy.

Reputation Marketing Is a Process

Reputation marketing is another term for content marketing. It’s a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, just like review management. By leveraging the good reviews from existing customers, reputation marketing establishes trust. Reviews are important, and so is your company’s star rating. The higher your company’s star rating, the more money it makes.”

Our reputation marketing process focuses on:

  • Improving conversion rates on your website
  • Using social media marketing to expand your brand and build trust
  • Creating stories from your online reviews to use on Google My Business and other digital channels
  • Increasing your business star rating, which in turn increases your revenue

Reputation Marketing FAQs

Common Questions About Reputation Marketing
Your company’s star rating and online reviews. If your business doesn’t get any feedback, you won’t be able to tell stories about the brand on social media and other digital platforms.
Reputation Sensei automates many of the manual tasks. We send out text and email alerts, limiting the amount of time you need to spend dealing with reviews. As part of our service, we also offer response templates to reviews for a business.
When you give your customers an exceptional customer experience, they will post positive online reviews about you. It’s up to you to make it simple for them to do so.

Reputation marketing is critical for businesses looking to grow revenue and attract new customers. To discuss how Rain Reviews can help your business, book an appointment online or call us at (678) 964-7354 today.

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